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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement Kent offer free Cavity Wall Tie surveys and quotations to all home owners and prospective home buyers.


We carry out  Cavity Wall Tie Surveys for Wall / Brick Tie Failure, Wall / Brick Tie Replacement, Crack Stitching, Bowing Wall Restraints, Gable End rebuilding and Structural Repair work throughout Kent.


As full members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation and able to offer 25 year insurance backed Wall Tie warranties.


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Over time, the process of corrosion of mild steel cavity wall ties causes the original brick wall ties to expand in size. This expansion has the effect of forcing apart the bricks above and below the bed joints in which the failing wall ties are laid. This produces a pattern of horizontal cracks coinciding with the brick tie positions approximately every six courses.


The corrosion and failure of the cavity wall ties or the lack of sufficient cavity wall ties used in the original construction can mean that many properties require either further replacement wall ties to be inserted or for the original cavity wall ties to be replaced.


Your Wall Tie condition survey will be carried out by our own directly employed CSRT qualified Remedial Surveyor who will view the brick wall for any obvious signs of wall tie failure such as lateral cracking to the mortar beds and bowing walls.


Our Surveyor will then locate the existing wall ties using a hand held wall tie detector to check that there are sufficient brick ties at the correct positions and to then view and assess their condition within the wall cavity.


We carry out a visual grading survey of the condition of the existing wall ties as outlined in BRE report 401, Table 2, by drilling a small hole alongside the wall tie location and then inspecting them inside the cavity using an Endoscope.

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This allows us to determine whether the amount of wall tie corrosion dictates that the brick ties have failed sufficiently to need replacing or not in accordance with Table 4 of BRE Digest 401.


Our inspection can also determine whether crack stitching using helical reinforcing bars may also resolve structural crack issues.

We will then produce a detailed report and quotation for any remedial cavity wall tie works required.


Our company stocks a range of stainless steel replacement brick wall ties to suit most situations as well as other types of stainless steel restraints, crack stitching bars and anchors to deal with the problems caused when buildings deteriorate and are no longer structurally sound.


As members of the WTIF our Guarantees are accepted by all major lenders.

We carry out wall tie surveys and Wall Tie replacement throughout Kent including in Dover, Deal, Folkestone, Hythe, Lydd, Ashford, Canterbury, Margate, Ramsgate, Herne Bay, Faversham, Sittingbourne, Medway and Maidstone.


All of our works are covered by a 25 year company guarantee. A separate 25 year insurance backed warranty is also available.

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